Who we are

“We started in 2011 with our first Ball Python. I was never really one for snakes, but found out at 48 years young that I was mistaken. Myself and my partner Ruth learned all we could about the wonderful world of ball pythons. Our first was a normal and we named her Bell. She ate the first time we offered, but then for the next six months we struggled and researched all we could. We ended up taking her to a local veterinary and where told she was healthy and would eat when ready. We religiously offered food, and sure enough she ate and is still a wonderful part of our lives today. We hope to share this love with you for these amazing animals.”

Our Team


I have known Karen & Ruth for almost a decade. I started working for them as a handyman and after about a year, the ladies asked if I would do them a favor while they went out of town, the favor being that I would take care of their small collection of snakes. I nervously said that I would do anything to help, but was pretty clueless on how to care for snakes, and this also is the first day I held a snake. I remember when they got back from the trip, I said any time you need help with the snakes, I would not mind and I think the next week I was helping take care of the snakes and learning all sorts of information, not all in one week of course. It has been an amazing experience if you asked me what my career would have been 15 years ago, my guess would not have been caring and breeding for 10 plus species, 700 plus animals, but I would not trade it for anything.


Hi my name is Hunter Lewis and I have been working with GWB since April of 2020, however I have known the girls for pretty much ever. I have been breeding crested geckos since I was 12 and have also produced Betta Imbillis a beautiful wild species of Betta and have also produced T. Stigmurus a fun little bark species of scorpions from Brazil and the oh so fun and large, true emperor Scorpions now I’m hoping for more Crested and some Murphy’s patternless leopard geckos, maybe some Ackie monitors in the spring, also love sugar gliders and colubrids.

Karen has some amazing colubrids that are great to work with along with some of my favorite boas of all time. Also can’t forget all the amazing chameleon species under our care, like the truly incredible pied veiled, and panthers. all the way down to the small helmeted and also friendly Jacksons, Karen and her wonderful wife Ruth have taught me so much, I’m so grateful i met them and am grateful for all Karen has shown me. They have become not only the best bosses ever, but lifetime friends and mentors and in ball pythons regards well, before I worked for her I was not a huge fan, but now absolutely in love with them. There is just endless genetics and possibilities with them and they have some of the best personalities in the hobby. Im very hopeful and excited to see what the future holds for GWB.

Our story

We never knew how much we could fall in love with Ball Pythons till we got our first from a local pet store. She was very personable and would come up to the glass when we came into the room. As we learned about her, we discovered a passion for all the different genetics that go into making such beautiful animals. We pride ourselves in making visual beauty and hope you find a love & passion for these amazing creatures.